A TDP Bench is for life, not just for Christmas…

Bench in the Garden - Christmas Present

Do you know the perfect gift this Christmas? Something that loves the outdoors, is loyal, reliable, available in loads of different colours and sizes and always there for you when you need a moment to paws and relax? That’s right, a recycled plastic bench from TDP!

Whilst not exactly a traditional gift at Christmas, we think one of our recycled plastic benches might just be the most loyal companion your garden has ever had. And just like man’s best friend, our benches are built to stick around through thick and thin.

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, a TDP bench is there for you all year round to provide solid support and unwavering stability. Oh, and it won’t run away when the weather gets a bit woof. They arrive fully house-trained, and they are the epitome of “sit and stay”.

Wirksworth Seat in Purple   TDP Dale bench at the Stardisc in Wirksworth on a Winters morning    Tea for two in Urban Grey

And our benches are super low maintenance. They don’t need walks, are weatherproof and a quick wipe down with a towel is all they need to recover from the elements.

You know what they say, the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving, and a TDP bench will give for decades. It’s a place for memories to be made, stories to be shared and the Christmas spirit to be enjoyed (although knowing British weather, we suggest wrapping up for that one).

So why not think outside the gift-box this year and give a gift that will stand the test of time? Your garden – and your future self – will thank you for it.

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