We manufacture all our products in Derbyshire

Watching the Canvey Bay Watch video, we were pleased by Barry Campagna’s comment, when talking about the 69 Peak benches they have along the sea front, that with a ‘quick wipe down they are as good as new’. We started supplying Canvey back in early 2015 so some of the benches are now over three years old.

Of course, we hope that Barry is as pleased in 10 and 20 years’ time, and we make all our furniture with that aim. We know the recycled plastic material we use is of the highest quality and in itself will last for many decades, but our job is to make sure the design and manufacture does justice to the material. From how it looks and performs to the last nut, bolt and screw, our skilled team make every product as though we are going to take it home to use ourselves. In fact we have customers with benches made over 8 years ago which still look great today.

We are proud to have achieved accreditation with the international quality standard ISO1009 every year since 2004, which is quite rare for a small company.

When designing a new product we sometimes take up to 2 years to test it before we add it to the range, making sure it is fit for purpose and withstands all the elements the UK weather can throw at it.

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