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Can the recycled plastic be worked like traditional material?

In most circumstances, our recycled plastic profiles can be worked like traditional building materials such as wood and can be cut, drilled, nailed, screwed.

What colours are the products available in?

All the standard products are available in either black or brown. The childrens range is available in a choice of the four primary colours as well as black or brown.

Are the products easy to assemble?

Most products come fully assembled. Some larger items are supplied in sections ready for final assembly. These are supplied with all the fixings and basic tools. Where final assembly is required we tell you on the product page and the assembly instructions are available to view and download before you purchase.

Can the recycled plastic be painted?

No, recycled plastic is supplied in a finished form that is long lasting and does not require paint, stain or varnish.

How long will the products last?

Our recycled plastic is made to the highest standards and, unlike wood, will not rot. The material itself will last a lifetime.

Are the products weather proof?

All the products are impervious to water and resistant to algae. They do not require any surface treatment and do not rot, making them maintenance free apart from the occasional clean with a damp cloth.

Can I open an account?

If you want to open an account rather than use your card to pay on our website call us on 01629 820011