Special ‘Green Friday’ deal for the first time

We have launched own ‘Green Friday’ campaign to encourage you to think more sustainably while grabbing bargains over the traditional pre-Christmas sales bonanza.

This is the first year we have offered a discount to coincide with Black Friday but we have stayed true to our ecological credentials with our version called ‘Green Friday’, to emphasise that our products are also helping customers save thousands of plastic bottles from clogging up our oceans and waterways.

Over the Green Friday weekend all our products will be available at a ten percent discount, but for every one purchased there will be a significant environmental saving too.

Company founder Rob Barlow said:

“We’re launching our ‘Green Friday’ deal this year to help customers make good choices when they are purchasing their products. Anyone who buys one of our Dale benches, for example, will save themselves around £40 on the price between November 24-27 but far more importantly, they’ll also be acquiring something which is the equivalent of recycling 6,565 plastic bottles.

“Our Dale bench contains waste from 36,985 plastic bottle tops, which actually saves 390kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere, the equivalent of 53 days of emissions from the average UK home – nearly eight weeks! That’s quite remarkable when you think about it.

“Our ‘Green Friday’ offer is our way of giving our customers a great deal but also sending out a message to consumers to choose quality long-lasting products that have sustainable practices at their heart, and not buy disposable goods at bargain prices that will just end up going into landfill.”

Our long list of products includes the popular Tea for Two set, comprising chairs joined by a triangular table, which is made from 60,314 bottle tops – saving the emissions equivalent of 1,590 miles driving in an average car. We are adding to the ever expanding list of products with our new ‘Derbyshire’ chairs and tables, and we have recently launched our first ever Hedgehog House.

The Hedgehog House is the latest in our range of nature products that also includes nest boxes, a bird feeding station and planters, giving customers the opportunity to buy a gift for a loved one that has biodiversity at its heart.

Rob said:

“It would be brilliant to be able to save much more plastic from going into landfill if more people take us up on our ‘Green Friday’ offer. Myself and the whole TDP team are passionate about the environment and what we can do to save our environment from the harm that has been done to it over the years.

“Our products are not only sustainable but also maintenance free and extremely hard-wearing – they will carry on looking pristine in all weathers for many years. We’re proud of what we do at here and we hope more people will invest in our furniture too.”


Our Green Friday sale ends in…


Our Green Friday sale runs from 12AM, Friday 24th to 11:59PM on Monday 27th November. To take advantage of this sale, just add the code GREEN23 to the discount box when you’ve added your products to your shopping basket.

Here are some of our favourite products included in the sale…

Top Seller
From: £396.29
From: £387.78
From: £425.78
Best Seller
From: £610.15

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