The one thing NOBODY wants for Christmas

Look, we get it. When you’re asking your loved ones what they want for Christmas, or even sorting your own list, you’ll either get vague answers like “I’m not really bothered”, “Check my Amazon wishlist” or something outlandish like “Oooh shall we go and see the Northern Lights?” or “Let’s spend Christmas in New York City with our whole family!”…

The one thing you’ll likely never hear? “I’d love a new sustainable bench made from recycled plastic furniture for the garden”.

And that’s fine, we understand that Christmas is ideally a time of indulgence and extravagance, and that our products aren’t the first thing on any Christmas list. But, and bear with us here, what if it was actually the PERFECT Christmas gift that someone didn’t know they wanted?

In the first instance, imagine the look on your partner’s face when, instead of seeing a small neatly wrapped present under the tree, they’re greeted with an enormous Bench sitting in front of it? Full points to you for finally doing something different this Christmas!

Ok, maybe that’s a step too far and actually just seating it in the garden with a nice bow on it would be a better option (but less funny obviously). But let’s get serious for a minute, do you know that one in five unwanted Christmas gifts end up in landfill? That’s like 20% of gifts, or a staggering 22 MILLION gifts if we look back at 2022. That is A LOT of waste, and that’s before you take into consideration all the other excess waste that’s generated at Christmas (Don’t get us started on wrapping paper…)

So instead of buying another pair of socks that end up in a draw at best, and in the ground at worst, why not think outside the gift box and get them something that will last for decades. Our recycled plastic benches are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, so there is something for everyone. You can even get them engraved with a personal message to remember the occasion… “The year you didn’t get socks” or something more imaginative. And if you really do need something that will fit under the tree, then our brand-new Hedgehog house will fit perfectly and with the added benefit of giving a little fuzzy friend a place to live safely – please note, Hedgehog not included!

Another great thing about these products? We make them from 100% recycled plastic waste, generated right here in the UK. So you’re not just getting your loved one a gift, you’re giving mother earth something to smile about as well.

So there you go, if you’re looking to be a present maverick this year who surprises and delights by gifting furniture for Christmas, we can help. And whilst your family might not know what hit them on the day, we think they’ll be sitting pretty and singing your praises for years to come.

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