Wirksworth School Gets Garden Makeover

Recycled plastic waste prism benhes in bright colours

As part of a grand school playing field refurbishment at Wirksworth Infant school the teachers wanted to create a quiet area for the children. To do this it was decided to fence off a small area at one end of the playing field.

The requirement was for maintenance free fence and furniture that were strong and safe enough to withstand boisterous children, but also one that would blend into the landscape so colour became an important part of the brief.

After doing some research, the school chose to use TDP’s recycled plastic products as these fitted the requirements. The green and brown fence profiles blended nicely into their area.

As the profiles are made from recycled plastic that would otherwise have gone to landfill the school is also helping the environment, and with our free poster the recycling story it explained to the children to encourage them to recycle plastic waste. For the children it shows that recycling can give back fantastic and useful products.

TDP supply a certificate of sustainability to every school that orders our recycled products.

On our website we offer free educational resources that are simply downloaded. Our cartoons and activity sheets make learning about recycling our waste fun for kids and will hopefully go towards educating the next generation how important recycling is for our future.

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