The best time of the year is here

Is there anything more exciting than the anticipation of Spring? The first signs of growth are already visible: hosts of golden daffodils, powder pink Bergenia flowers, cheerful Camellias and delicate Hellebores.


Frogspawn is appearing in ponds, hares are boxing in misty fields, vibrant primulas are everywhere you look and the dawn chorus returns to remind us there are warmer, longer days to come.

Now is the time to prepare your garden or your outdoor space for the months ahead. You may wish to cultivate fruit this year – pears, cherries, apples and plums all grow well in containers. Roses and lilies brighten up a doorway while trees can be grown in containers if there’s not much space available.

Carrots, beetroots, broccoli and spring onions are just some of the vegetables that can be planted in early March. It’s a joy to take a stroll through the local park at this time and experience fragrant Narcissus scenting the spring air or enjoy the radiant primulas brightening up dull days.

Longwood planter being planted

Planting in early Spring helps to establish root growth. When you fill your recycled plastic TDP planter with good quality soil, you’ll be creating the perfect conditions to achieve the balance of air and water your plants need to thrive.

You can use your own home-made compost in your containers, to improve your soil’s water-holding capacity or you can use seed or potting compost.

Take a look at our most popular planters here.


Don’t forget to feed the birds, late winter and early spring is an important time for our feathered friends. See our bird feeders and nest boxes here



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