Keeping loved ones’ stories alive with innovative new My Place and Story

TDP is helping tell the stories of those who have passed on, with a highly innovative new memorial bench digital platform.

Called ‘My Place and Story’ The platform will allow those who buy one of TDP’s commemorative benches in memory of a loved one to add a QR code so that anyone sitting on it can scan the code and read the life story of the person commemorated.

The QR code can also be used to record information about the place where a bench has been situated, with one of the first examples being Shipley Country Park in Derbyshire.

TDP Ltd owner Rob Barlow said:

We are very excited about our My Place and Story project and we hope that it may provide some comfort to those who want to remember their loved ones with a memorial bench, to know that others can now find out more about their life.

“Memorial benches are a lovely way to remember those who have left us. They give an opportunity for people to sit quietly in a place that person used to visit, and think about the happy times. Here at TDP we have gone one step further and created our digital platform so that people sitting on a memorial bench can, if they choose, find out about a person’s life by simply scanning the code on their phone.

“Everyone deserves to be remembered and we hope that our scheme will allow more memories to be preserved.

“We also felt it was important for people to be able to discover more about places they visit, too. The QR Code placed on one of our benches can be used for visitors to places to discover more about where they are, including its history and interesting landmarks.

A Story

An example QR code to a story about a person.

How it can look

There are a number of ways you can display your QR code on your furniture – from alongside another plaque or even an engraving.

A Place

An example QR code to information about a place.

Rob said:

The idea behind My Place and Story is to create lasting memories and stories to pass on to future generations. It seems very fitting to us that by using recycled plastic we are helping make not only furniture that is long-lasting and durable, but with our unique digital platform, memories that will live on for a long time too. It’s great to think that we can help preserve stories of people’s lives that will then form part of our cultural history for future generations.

These products tell the perfect story

My Place and Story QR codes can be added to a number of our recycled plastic furniture products – here are some of our favourites.

Top Seller
From: £396.29
From: £387.78
From: £425.78
From: £268.50

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