January in your garden

Even if it’s not quite time to plant your flowers or veg just yet, you might have got one eye on the future, when it’s a bit warmer, less windy and not raining the proverbial cats and dogs. Plus we felt like we needed to add a little colour to our blog in January…

Now is a great time to start planning your garden space for the upcoming spring, and why not consider our range of planters in your plans.

Our recycled plastic planters are a gardener’s dream. Constructed from plastic lumber, these garden planters are guaranteed to last for years without facing issues such as cracking, rotting, or weathering. Our plastic planters are sturdy enough to support all planting mediums without issue, meaning your plants will thrive in their stylish new homes. Our profiles can also be used to make raised beds that will last for decades.

Garden planter box made by TDP from recycled plastic watseIpstone PlanterOutdoor garden planter box made from recycled plastic waste by TDP Outdoor planter made from recylced plastic by TDP TDP Recycled Plastic Longwood Planters TDP Longwood Planter in Black

Jobs for January

Winter prune apple and pear trees to remove damaged, dead and diseased branches.

Clear out and dig over vacant plots for flowers and vegetables.

Plant snowdrops.

Clean out the green house and ventilate on sunny days to prevent humidity build up.

Clear soggy leaves, algae and moss from paths, patios, decking and steps.

Keep your shed and greenhouse guttering clear, so winter rain can fill up your water butts.


If you haven’t already recycled your live Christmas tree why not plant it outside in our stylish Ipstone planter, that way it will thrive and be ready to bring in again next year.

And when you have completed your tasks you can sit and relax on one of seats, even in the deepest snow.

TDP Recycled plastic Wirksworth Seat in the snow


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