ISO 14001 accreditation – Another milestone reached

Following the implementation of our ISO 14001 system, and a very rigorous external audit, TDP is pleased to announce that we have gained full accreditation to the International Environmental Management Standard.

ISO 14001 maps out a framework that organisations can follow for an effective environmental management system where their impact is being measured and continually improved. We join a growing band of over 360,000 companies that have achieved this accreditation worldwide. But when you consider there are over 5.5 million companies in the UK alone this is still a small number making a leap to this important globally recognised environmental standard.

It requires that an organisation considers all environmental issues relevant to its operations, such as energy use, water usage, waste management, noise, climate change mitigation and adaptation, our relationship with neighbours and the local community and resource use and efficiency.

ISO standards help a company to measure and monitor their performance and policies and encourages continual improvement. We have held ISO 9001 since 2004. The 9001 standard covers our day-to-day management systems including customer service and quality. As a small company we are showing our commitment to staff, suppliers, stakeholders and customers by taking these standards so seriously. ISO 14001 means we have now added the planet to our stakeholders list.

Awareness of environmental problems is growing in most countries, and it is believed that current development patterns cannot be sustained in the long term. Governments are increasingly enacting legislation aimed at protecting the environment, and customers are requiring their suppliers to incorporate best practices and demonstrate compliance with environmental requirements. The publication of the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems (EMS) has proved to be very successful, as it is now implemented in more than 159 countries and has provided organizations such as TDP with a powerful management tool to continually improve their environmental performance.

We believe aligning our ISO 9001 and 14001 standards with our membership of the UN’s Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with our ethos of collaboration, will play an important role in helping to transform our world into a sustainable one.

You can view our certificate here: 221205 BS ISO 14001 Certificate – TDP Ltd – Exp 2025

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