Embrace your outdoor space

8 seater Bradbourne picnic table for staff to use at a Derbyshire Company

Embrace your outdoor space – Enhance wellbeing by giving everyone an opportunity to interact with nature

We love to hear stories from our customers about how they make use of their outdoor furniture. For employers, our products provide an ideal opportunity to get people out in the fresh air, enjoying everything that nature has to offer. For public and private sector organisations, this not only encourages leaders to invest in green spaces but also supports stakeholder wellbeing to boost their ESG credentials.

Three TDP Recycled Plastic Ipstone planters in Melrose, Scottish Boarders  Dale 3 seater bench made from recycled plastic by TDP   2 seater Dale benches and a planter all engraved at Darley Dale in Derbyshire

Encouraging people to use green space has multiple benefits. There is now much greater awareness about how access to nature enhances health and wellbeing. Many of us came to appreciate natural capital at a whole new level during pandemic lockdowns and now want to spend more of our time outdoors.

For our customers that means rethinking the spaces they offer their stakeholders. Local authorities are under pressure to invest more in parks, schools want to provide learning spaces outside of the classroom and businesses are under pressure to provide opportunities for employees to work and interact outside. That might be having a group meeting on a roof terrace or catching up with colleagues on a picnic bench in a green haven beyond the hustle and bustle of an open plan office.

Finding space for nature within the built environment is now a top priority and that trend has a positive impact on the triple bottom line. Employers who provide access to green space report greater staff retention, reduced stress levels and far more productive working environments.

Three seater TDP Dale memorial bench in kettlewell 8  TDP two seater TDP Riber Bench in Alder Wood at Durham Wildlife Trust 

The UK Green Building Council’s report, “Nature-based Solutions for the Climate Emergency: The benefits to business and society” explores how access to nature contributes to happier, healthier communities. The report highlights a 23% decrease in sick leave taken by staff with a view of nature and emphasises the correlation between exposure to nature and improved mental health.

Making more of outdoor spaces is especially important for organisations committed to sustainability. Balancing the needs of people, planet and prosperity requires a new approach to the natural world. As well as providing environments that allow people to thrive, businesses can play their part in combating biodiversity loss and having a positive environmental impact.

Creating a 10% uplift in biodiversity on new developments is a focus for government policy to help deliver on the UK’s 25-Year Environment Plan. Public and private sector organisations are being encouraged to use their land to create new habitats, put aside space for wildlife gardens and giving people as many opportunities as possible to interact with nature. That could involve building bug hotels, creating ponds, installing bird feeders and hedgehog boxes, and, of course, providing furniture to sit, reflect and enjoy. It has added benefits if that furniture is also sustainable.

TDP Recycled Plastic Ipstone planter in Melrose, Scottish Boarders outside a park    TDP Wirksworth 1200 seat in Orange made from Recycled Plastic with a view

At TDP we have developed a comprehensive range of outdoor furniture that helps organisations make the very most of their outdoor space. The fact that these products are made from 100% recycled plastic means that they also have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. We have so far saved more than 4,200 tonnes of plastic waste from going into landfill by keeping materials in the value chain and our sustainability commitments are resonating more and more with customers.

Our website provides information on the environmental credentials of every product, including the emissions saved by using recycled plastic. This has proved a popular feature as customers strive to make more ethical product choices.

We are continually developing new products to help people not only enjoy but actively enhance nature. We are passionate about biodiversity and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to help species of flora and fauna thrive. We have recently introduced garden planters, nest boxes, bird feeding platforms and hedgehog boxes to our range.

People are under increasing mental strain, be it due to work pressures or financial hardship. There has never been a better time to embrace your outdoor space and give everyone an opportunity to enjoy the bounties of nature. Visit our website and find out more about how furniture made from 100% British waste can both help the planet and support wellbeing.

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