Outdoor seating and dining for the Leisure Industry

In these unprecedented times during the pandemic, providing outdoor seating and dining in theme parks, tourist attractions, sports venues, holiday villages, and holiday lets is more critical than ever to get businesses up and running again. Maintaining safe distancing protocols for your customers in outdoor spaces with our furniture is ideal.
TDP manufacture outdoor benches, picnic tables, and dining sets from recycled plastic waste that would have been destined for UK landfill.
These products require no painting or staining, can be left out all year, will not rot or splinter.
Whilst maintaining the appearance of timber, the plastic is easily cleaned and sanitised.
This furniture can not only be customised in colour to suit your environment, but they can also be branded with your establishment name and logo.
Most of these outdoor furniture products are supplied fully assembled.
Anchor kits are also available to secure your picnic table or bench, but the recycled plastic is very dense, so does give the added benefit of being heavy and robust.

Read our story on the Dale benches at Campbeltown Harbour and watch our video of benches at the Seafront in Canvey Island

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