Recycled Plastic Benches on Canvey Island

TDP Peak Benches

TDP’s Peak Recycled Plastic Benches on Canvey Island has been chosen for the Canvey Baywatch Project.


TDP are proud to have been selected to supply a number of our recycled plastic benches to Canvey Island in Essex following a volunteer group being set up to bring the Thorney Bay beach front back to its former glory. The group of volunteers are promoting the recycled plastic benches to the community who are paying for the new seats as memorial benches for loved ones and family members. Each of the TDP Peak benches will be sited along the sea front for all to enjoy. The location of the benches will be open to all weather conditions and salt water which will not affect the recycled plastic benches unlike traditional timber, therefore will last much longer. The volunteer group already work hard to maintain the Thorney Bay beach area so by purchasing no maintenance benches, painting and staining is not something they will have to add to their list of jobs. See the progress being made at Thorney Beach on their Facebook page


2 thoughts on “Recycled Plastic Benches on Canvey Island

    • Alison Harlow says:

      Dear Elaine,
      Thank you for your enquiry. If you are looking for a memorial bench as part of the scheme running at the sea front in Canvey Island, this is managed by a community group called Canvey Bay Watch, they can be contacted by the following Facebook Link
      If you are looking for a memorial bench for another area, these can be purchased directly from us either via the website or call our office on 01629 820011

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