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Celebrating The King’s Award

At TDP, we have saved the environment enough plastic bottles to fill the Albert Hall 16 times over has celebrated being officially presented with a highly coveted King’s Award for Sustainable Development. We are a Wirksworth-based manufacturing company, who makes outdoor furniture entirely from recycled plastic, we was one of only 15 companies in the… Read More?

Arise, phoenix! Outgoing High Sheriff chooses winning name for Derbyshire furniture company’s new raised bed

We have had a helping hand in choosing an inspiring winning name for its latest product. The former High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Theresa Peltier, visited outdoor furniture company TDP Ltd in Wirksworth to help pick the winning entry for its competition to name the latest product in its range: a raised bed for growing vegetables…. Read More?

Why Recycle: Part II: Ways to recycle and reduce the amount of waste

A plastic bottle lies on the beach and pollutes the sea and the life of marine life. The concept of pollution control of the seas and oceans by plastic. Beat Plastic Pollution.

We can all play a part in helping to prevent waste from ending up in landfill and ultimately the oceans. From careful sorting of household recycling to upcycling unwanted items, there are plenty of ways to recycle. It is important to recycle responsibly and know what can and cannot go into the bin for kerbside… Read More?

Preparing for longer days and lighter mornings

Spring is finally upon us. Warmer weather and longer days provide the perfect conditions for seeds to grow and plants to bloom. Large garden or small garden, ledge or yard, transform your outdoor space into a stunning, wildlife-friendly area, bursting with flowers or delicious fruit and vegetables. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or a beginner… Read More?

Lending a helping hand to local communities

At TDP, we strongly value supporting local communities. Recently, our dedicated production team went above and beyond to assist Cromford Mills in their efforts to maintain their gazebo and car park. Despite the unfavourable weather conditions, making a positive impact wherever we can is important to us. The World Heritage site and the birth place… Read More?

We are celebrating the RSPB Big Bird Watch this month with 10% off our nature range

Bird Feeding Station In Brown - close up with a winter background

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch runs from January 26-28 and to encourage people to take part, we are offering a 10% discount on our whole nature range for the week leading up to and including the event. Our nature range includes hedgehog houses, nest boxes, bird feeding platforms and stations, and garden planters. Just add… Read More?