Memorial and celebration plaques for any occasion

We design, engrave and cut our plaques in house, so we can help your journey in making your furniture personal. Be as creative as you like, or just simple and traditional.

We recognise that adding a plaque to your TDP recycled plastic furniture is important and sometimes sensitive. Our designers will help you all the way. You can choose from our standard range when adding a plaque, we always send a proof before we make the plaque.

If you want to be more creative by adding images or even a photo to your plaque then call us for advice.

When choosing Brass plaques remember they will need cleaning on a regular basis, normally every three months, to avoid tarnishing.

Brass Plaque sized at 100mm x 50mm


Stainless Steel Plaque

Stainless Steel

Metallic Gold Acrylic Plaque 100mm x 50mm

Metallic Gold Acrylic

Metallic Silver Acrylic Plaque 100mm x 50mm

Metallic Silver Acrylic

Chose from 4 standard typefaces

When you place your order on the product page you can add a text only brass, stainless steel or acrylic plaque, with a choice of four typefaces.

We ask you to type in your text when ordering a standard sized plaque, with a limit of of 150 characters including spaces. You can then choose your typeface.

Below we show an example of text in the four typefaces. This example has 144 characters.

We always send a proof of your plaque before we make it and attached it to your furniture before despatch.

Engraving text type


engraving text type

Times New Roman

Engraving text type

Imprint MT Shadow

Engraving text type

Monotype Corsiva

TDP's Ipstone Planter with Sponsorship Plaque

Ipstone Planter

With a brass plaque

Recycled plastic Riber-with-plaque side view


with brass plaque

TDP Peak outdoor Bench 2m in Black

2m Peak

With a stainless steel plaque and engraving on the 2nd slat

More creative options

We can also add images to your plaque. On the right is a small selection of images you can choose for your plaque. You can also click on the image library to see more choices, We regularly add more images. all you need to do is tell us your choice.

If you cannot find what you want, or have a particular image in mind, please contact us on 01629 820011 during office hours or email

Acrylic 100 x 50 with text & butterfly

Image plaque

100mm x 50mm plaque with text and image

Acrylic 100 x 50 with text & Lion

Image plaque

100mm x 50mm plaque with text and image

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Photo Engraving

Add a photo to your plaque

Make your plaque even more personal by having a favourite photo etched onto our Anodised Aluminium plaque along with your personal message.

100 x 50 new master
100 x 50 Photo plaque Einstein with backgound

Cut-Out Plaques

Cut-out badge

This squadron badge was engraved on our Metallic Silver acrylic material and then cut to follow the shape of the badge. It is shown on a brown profile.

Using any of our acrylic engraving materials we can follow the line of any shape and cut it out. This is great for badges, symbols & logos as well as many other images such as animals.

For beer gardens, restaurants & cafes we can add table numbers with you brand name in a variety of colours and any size.

Denby Table in brown with plaque and table number

Cut out logo plaque in Black Acrylic with white text on a black profile

Wirksworth Seat in Brown

Plaque shown on the front of the seat slat on a Wirksworth seat with engraving on the top slat.

Cut out plaques are inset into the bench slat so they do not intrude or create any Sharpe edges. With all the colour options shown below we can re-create most logos. Our designers will help with colour choice if required, and proofs are always sent before we make your furniture.

Cut out logo plaque in Black Acrylic with white text on a Brown Dale Seat

Coloured Plaques

More creative options

With our coloured acrylic plaques we can offer even more creative options. Whether you just want to match the colour of one of our profiles, or create a bold contrast, they are a tremendous statement. Our designers can help with colour choices, layout and images.

Yellow with Black text and image

Blue with White text and image

Red with White text and image

Green with White text and image

Purple with White text and image

White with Red text and image

Black with White text and image

White with Black text and image