Take a look at TDP today if you’re interested in buying eco-friendly recycled plastic kids’ furniture. TDP offer high-quality, robust recycled furniture designed to stand the test of time and take pride of place in gardens and school playgrounds. These colourful plastic picnic tables and benches can help you teach kids about the importance of recycling and educate them about how versatile plastic waste is. You can contact the team at TDP at any point if you have any queries about what they have to offer, so why not do so today? More and more parents and schools are purchasing recycled kids’ furniture from TDP.

Doing More with Waste

All TDP kids’ furniture is safe, weatherproof and able to stand up to daily challenges. What’s more is that it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain as well as being chip, crack and splinter-proof. You won’t need to apply staining or surface treatments to keep the furniture looking great. TDP make a wide range of products from recycled waste, including roof battens, fencing and decking. Why not call today, or learn more about what the TDP team have to offer over at the home page?