The best artificial turf edging

Artificial turf is becoming an increasingly popular product in the UK and whether you are a professional installer or a do it yourselfer, we have the ideal product to include in your artificial turf installation project.

An important aspect of any artificial grass installation is to put in a suitable edging system. This edging serves two purposes, the first is it acts as a restraint for the aggregate and sand used in the groundwork, the second is you will need to secure the edge of your artificial turf to something prevent it lifting. 

Using timber has been the predominate option for this, but with the use of timber comes the issue of it rotting. When you are purchasing artificial turf that will last a long time with no maintenance, why use an edging that will need replacing before your turf.

At TDP we have the perfect answer, not only in terms of the product longevity, but it also has great environmental credentials. Use one of our recycled plastic profiles as an edging in all your artificial turf installations. It is has enormous benefits over the timber alternative:

  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting
  • Will no rot, or splinter
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be cut and screwed like timber
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic waste

Take a look here at our recycled plastic profile size options and send us a quote request today.