You Choose

As the leading UK manufacturer of outdoor furniture made from Recycled Plastic we always strive to bring you the best experience when visiting our web site.

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new feature where you can choose your own colour combinations of our furniture.

The new feature gives you a 3D virtual image and you can zoom in to see the details. Once you have decided on your colour choice you can email it to yourself to save for later, or check with others, or even take outdoors to see if the colours work in the position where the furniture is going to be placed.

So if you have a favourite colour or colour range, want to match a favourite spot in your garden, or even the colours of a sports team you might support, you can let your imagination loose.

You can buy your product from the page and we will make it to your choice.

We will be adding more products and features over the next few months so keep checking for updates.

Even if you just want to play around with the feature, it is great fun so visit now to kick-start your imagination.

Launch the You Choose feature

Watch a quick video that shows how our new You Choose feature works.