Watch our new Recycled plastic planter video

Matlock recycled plastic planter with seat

When Matlock town council needed to replace some old and damaged planters in the town centre, TDP set about creating a bespoke product that utilised recycled plastic materials.

Creating a long lasting, low maintenance and weather proof alternative. We made a short video talking about the design process, you can watch it below;

These planters were the biggest single item we have had to make to date.  As you will see in the video, specialist lifting equipment was required on the delivery vehicle.

Each planter weighed in a just over half a tonne and required the equivalent of 315,000 plastic bottle tops to manufacture.

Matlock Town Council recycled the seat brackets from their old wooden planters that had rotted, and we just added the seat planks made from recycled plastic.

These planters will last the town for many years to come, not only is the return on their investment great, but the environmental credentials are second to none.

Manufactured just 6 miles away from where they are positioned and from UK generated plastic waste that would have been destined for UK landfill.

Like what you see, We’ve now added the Matlock planter to our commercial street furniture range, if you have any questions about the product or would like to get a quote, please do contact us today.

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