Recycled Plastic Benches

Our recycled plastic benches are the hard-wearing and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional lumber benches. Made of ultra-durable plastic that will not rot or splinter, these benches are perfect for any outdoor space. TDP’s benches are completely maintenance-free, offering a simple, no-fuss outdoor seating solution that will last for years to come.

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TDP Recycled plastic bench, the Trail 1.5m long bench in brown, robust and sturdy
Dale memorial seat made from recycled plastic waste lovely position at Breadsall Priory Golf Club

Why choose a TDP Recycled Plastic bench?

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

Investing in a recycled plastic bench from TDP means choosing a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional benches. These benches require no painting, staining, or frequent repairs, significantly reducing any long-term maintenance costs or the need to replace your bench every few years. Bby opting for recycled plastic, you’re supporting sustainable practices and helping reduce plastic waste, so your bench is just as great for mother earth as it is your garden

Customisable and Stylish

Our recycled plastic benches offer customisation options to suit any setting. Available in various colours and styles, they can be tailored to match your outdoor décor. Add your unique personal touch with a custom engraved plaque, or directly engrave a message onto your bench. With all these options, they’re ideal for parks, gardens, outdoor spaces or memorials. We think our benches combine practicality  and durability, whilst still looking great. 

Durable and Eco-Friendly

Our recycled plastic benches are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions (including British weather!) while supporting environmental conservation. Made from 100% recycled plastic, our benches prevent plastic waste from ending up in landfills and reduce the need for new materials, e.g. cutting down trees.

They are resistant to rot, splinters and will sit happily without the maintenance associated with traditional wooden benches. 

Our customers love their furniture. we know you’ll love yours too!

We love hearing from our customers about how they’re enjoying their furniture – we get positive feedback almost every week. We’re not saying this to boast, but because we’re proud of how many of our customers love their furniture, because it means you’re going to love yours just as much!

We’re often asked…

Unsurprisingly, our benches are made out of recycled plastic! If the bench has a commemorative plaque, then that is made from brass, steel, anodised aluminium or acrylic.

The main benefit of manufacturing benches from recycled plastic is that it’s an eco-friendly way to commemorate an event or remember someone special. All the plastic used in our benches is recycled from British waste, which actively reduces the amount of non-biodegradable plastic that ends up in landfill.

Yes, the plastic that we use when manufacturing our benches is completely non-toxic. Our benches will not damage the environment they are in and are also safe for animals. They are ideal for placing in parks, places of remembrance, and beauty spots.

And one of the key benefits of recycled plastic is that it’s hard wearing, so being it’s perfect for a public park that will see it get lots of usage.

There are a lots of ways that your bench can be customised! You can choose from a variety of colour options, or even design your own colour scheme.

You can also dedicate your bench to the memory of someone or someplace.

A memorial plaque can be included, containing a message, and also an image if required, or you can have message and images can also be engraved directly into the plastic planks of the bench.

Both of these options can be added to your bench at the checkout.

Maintaining a recycled plastic bench is simple. They require minimal upkeep, only needing occasional cleaning with soap and water to remove dirt and debris. Unlike wooden benches, they do not need painting or sealing.

All of our recycled plastic benches are hand-built on-demand, so delivery times can vary depending on how busy we are. However, all of our products will show an estimated delivery date when ordering them.

No, we fully assemble every memorial bench before delivery.

The material used for our benches will not rot or decay, so we know that our benches will last for decades rather than years.

No. Our recycled plastic benches will never require any additional maintenance or up-keep. Just a wipe down when required.

Wooden benches require regular staining and maintenance, and are prone to rotting and becoming fragile over time.

However, due to our benches being made from ultra-durable plastic, this isn’t something you will ever need to worry about.

We have our showroom here in Wirksworth, open during the week that you are welcome to visit – if you’re further a field, we deliver furniture all over the country, so please contact our team, and we’ll be able to tell if there are any publicly accessible benches in your area.

Yes. We offer two anchor kits, one for soft ground and one for hard ground. These can be easily added to your basket from the online shop. You only need one kit per item of furniture you are ordering.

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