Park benches

Recycled plastic park benches that will outlast their wooden alternatives. Perfect for parks and public gardens.

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Memorial benches

A selection of our benches are available as memorial benches, complete with custom messaging and engraving.

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Picnic benches

Make picnics in the park simple with our selection of picnic benches and tables.

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Children’s benches

Children’s benches available in a range of bright colour ways. Ideal for parks, playgrounds, and activity areas.

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TDP’s park benches can be found in parks, town centres, and public gardens across the UK. We use plastic lumber, made with recycled British waste plastic, to build our benches. The result is an environmentally friendly, long-lasting bench, which is favoured by local councils and park managers.

The park bench that’s favoured by local councils

TDP’s benches are extremely popular with local authorities due to their build quality and environmentally-friendly materials.

Bought once, enjoyed for a lifetime

TDP’s park benches do not rot or wear like wooden park benches. Our benches are made from recycled plastic that looks like natural lumber. All of our products will last a lifetime, without needing special maintenance or upkeep. As a result, TDP is the street furniture supplier of choice for local councils throughout the UK.

Making your local council more sustainable

Purchasing a park bench from TDP is the simple way to help your local council reach its environmental and sustainability goals. As a manufacturer, we are committed to reaching net zero carbon. When you purchase from TDP,  you are purchasing a product that is designed and built to the highest standards while remaining environmentally friendly.

TDP Riber outdoor bench made from recycled Plastic waste

Popular Products

Perfect for any outdoor space, these are some of the most popular products our customers have purchased.

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Any questions?

All of our benches are made from recycled plastic which we then form into plastic lumber.

Constructing our benches from plastic lumber allows us to create an extremely high quality product that will last a very long time. It’s also a great way to stop plastic from going to landfill. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade or breakdown easily, which means it will remain in landfill for decades. This longevity actually makes certain responsibly sourced plastics the perfect material to use for long-lasting outdoor furniture.

Yes, the plastic that we use when manufacturing our benches is completely non-toxic. Our benches will not damage the environment they are in and are also safe for animals. They are ideal for placing in parks, places of remembrance, and beauty spots.

Yes, colours can be customised by using our ‘You Choose’ feature, which is selectable on applicable product pages.

Benches can also be engraved with branding and messages, and plaques can also be fitted.

All of our park benches are hand-built on-demand, so delivery times can vary depending on how busy we are. However, all of our products will show an estimated delivery date when ordering them.

No, we fully assemble every memorial bench before delivery.

The material used in our benches will not rot or decay. Therefore, under normal usage, our benches should last a lifetime.

No. Our park benches will never require any additional maintenance or up-keep. If you are used to working with wooden benches, this will come as a welcome relief. Our benches do not require any painting, staining, or other form of treatment. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Any questions?

Have any questions about our furniture? Our commercial and trade team would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Just get in touch using the contact us button on this page.