How many Peak benches?

TDP Recyled Plastic Peak benches at Canvey Island

At TDP our team are very passionate about our products.

Sometimes you can find one of our team crawling about looking at benches and picnic tables in public spaces. I’m not sure if there is a medical name for this!

We quite often see our furniture all over the country, and it is always tempting to fill our phones with images of how lovely our products look in their final resting place.

It is alway great to see how good they still look despite being outside in all weather conditions. They still look as good as the day we hand-built them in our Derbyshire factory.

During a holiday taken by one of our team (at the start of the pandemic 2020), their cruise ship was sailing back to Tilbury Docks (just a few days after they left for this fabulous holiday), when they were stuck by a sudden thought.

We must be sailing quite close to Canvey Island and there are lots of our benches at Thorney Bay.

So camera in hand (probably a glass of something in the other), a dash up onto the deck ensued.

To their delight they could see the long row of our Peak benches along the sea front wall, and what a sight to see them all from this unique angle.

These Peak benches had been purchased over the last few years by the Canvey Bay Watch team.

A group of volunteers who tirelessly work at Thorney Bay to provide a really great environment for visitors.

Not only have they provided the opportunity to place memorial benches along the sea front wall, but also picnic tables on the beach.

This area is kept clean and tidy and is a great place for a family day out.

We spent a day filming with the Canvey Bay Watch team – check this out on our video page

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