Eaton Park Miniature Railway

TDP recyecled plastic profiles make miniature railway sleepers

TDP Recycled Plastic Profiles

Eaton Park Miniature Railway

The Eaton Park miniature railway is a popular feature of Eaton Park, in Norwich, and is run by the Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers. From its opening in May 1960 it has carried thousands of happy travellers and there is over one kilometre of line.

zp-profiles-eaton-park-010-HiRes           zp-profiles-eaton-park-012-HiRes

When the original wooden sleepers started to wear out the Norwich & District Society of Model Engineers wanted to replace them with a longer lasting material. They turned to TDP’s recycled plastic profiles for a solution. Normally used as roofing battens these profiles come in 3000mm lengths, with a profile of 50mm x 25mm. The beauty of these profiles was that they could just be slipped into place and fixed, without the need to re-gauge the track, making the whole job fairly quick and easy.

Profiles used

brown-profile-40x120-HiRes  50mm x 25mm            zp-profiles-eaton-park-002-HiRes

The members now say the track is quieter and smoother. They also know the recycled plastic sleepers will last for many years without needing to be replaced again.

zp-profiles-eaton-park-007-HiRes   zp-profiles-eaton-park-008-HiRes